New meditation-based video game is completely free for teachers and medical workers because, well, c’mon they deserve it

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Courtesy Playne Co.

PC meditation game Playne has announced that it will be giving out free Steam keys for its acclaimed title to medical personnel worldwide, starting today, to thank them for their help fighting COVID-19.

The game, which left Steam Early Access recently, is a graphically lush 3D title that allows you to grow a beautiful forest by building a daily habit of meditation using your PC as a guide.

Playne’s creators are delighted to give back by offering this experience for free to those who’ve been fighting so hard to keep us healthy & safe from COVID-19 over the last few months.

In order to receive their free key, medical personnel who work at hospitals or doctor’s offices worldwide and teaching staff at schools, colleges and universities should contact, from their official work email address, or from an unrelated email address with a short explanation of where they work.

As for the game itself, Playne has an Overwhelmingly Positive rating on Steam (with 96% positive reviews). It now sports multiple game modes, including audio-guided meditation, breathing exercises, a journaling tool, and an open-world Evolve mode.

In a recent survey of users, 93% felt Playne helped them to build a daily habit of meditation, 97% felt calmer and less stressed after playing Playne, and 97% found the meditations in Playne easy to learn and practice.

Also, there’s a fox sensei. Who doesn’t love a cute fox who cares about your mental health?

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