New internal poll has McCaskill up by nine points over Akin

  • McCaskill is surging, an internal poll shows.

Politico published a memo today with the results of an internal poll from Sen. Claire McCaskill’s re-election campaign, and it’s full of good news for the incumbent. The survey of 600 likely voters indicates that McCaskill has climbed to 50 percent support compared with 41 percent for Akin. The polling agency, Kiley & Company, wrote in the memo that it’s the first time McCaskill has “cracked the crucial 50% threshold.”

In addition to a large overall advantage, the poll found that Democrats have come together to back her. Of registered Democrats asked, 91 percent support her compared with 5 percent opposing her. On the Republican side, voters were less united for Akin, with 79 percent backing him and 14 percent opposed. Among independent voters, McCaskill cleaned up. Fifty-one percent of independents support her over 28 percent for Akin. The sample included 43 percent Republicans, 38 percent Democrats and 19 percent independents.

Another favorable statistic for McCaskill was that 43 percent of surveyed voters said their opinion of Akin has become less favorable compared with 15 percent whose views had become more favorable.

The polling memo concludes, “Despite his efforts to repair the damage to his candidacy, he continues to fall further behind, and he has yet to lock up the Republican base. Moreover, negative perceptions of Akin continue to build, and the perception that he is too extreme for Missouri has begun to take hold.”

The results come just as Akin began to go on the offensive with a new commercial saying McCaskill and her husband, Joseph Shepard, were enriched by stimulus funding for operators of low-income housing.

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