New direct flight from KC to Cancun will be connecting ASAP

Kansas City International Airport is now offering direct flights from KC to Cancun amidst a pandemic.

The proposed new terminal outline.

One of the single-terminal recommendations by a committee studying the future of KCI. The blue portion represents a new parking garage, while the green areas depict a two-level terminal and concourse.

Kansas City international airport has now added direct flights from Kansas City to Cancun amid a global pandemic. Back in March, at the beginning of the Pandemic, the travel industry took an exponentially substantial financial hit with flights dropping 77% back in April. As people try and revert to their everyday lives as much as possible, they are also starting to travel again. 

Numerous airlines will be offering this direct flight from Kansas City international airport. These airlines are Frontier, Air Canada, and American Airlines. This will be a once-a-day flight that will be offered between December 17th and April 5th. Somehow even during a pandemic, people still risk traveling. However, this decision was made after Cancun was deemed one of the safest places to travel to during the Pandemic. reported that:

“Cancun was the first destination in the Americas and one of the first few in the world to receive the Safe Travels global safety and hygiene stamp from the World Travel & Tourism Council.” 

Although, this is excellent news for KCI, who will gain a fraction of money back after losing billions during the Pandemic. Nationally, there are talks of bailouts for commercial airlines. It would be great to see airlines and airports recover from this loss, specially KCI, but is it time to travel yet? We are currently witnessing COVID-19 cases rise steadily and are on the brink of another shutdown. 

While this might feel like an escape for some, when traveling in a compressed tube with 50-100 other people, you are at a higher risk of contracting the virus. Some see this as somewhat of a way to lessen the risk of getting COVID, being that Mexico currently has less than 606 thousand cases compared to the United States with 6 million cases. 

That being said, direct flights from KCI to Cancun will be offered, but non-stop service to the Caribbean will not. Traveling right now is a personal choice everyone must make, but keep in mind there is still a global pandemic happening.

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