New data shows that Missouri f’ing loves fireworks


Ranking of top fireworks use by state. // Courtesy Zippia.

According to new data in a nationwide study, Missouri f’ing loves fireworks. Like. A lot.

Zippia, a career and information resource organization, examined statistics from across the United States and discovered that Missouri imports more fireworks per person than any one other state.

For real. We’re number one. In Sky Explody Lights.

The study used a cross-section of data based on the US Census, crossed with import data from China. Over 90% of the fireworks used in America are imported from China. Which we then use to celebrate our Independence Day.

To see their data and process explained in full, you can check out the full results set here.

From their report on Missouri:

Imports : 42,283,229 / Imports Per Capita : 6.9

Missouri comes in with a bang as the state that shoots off the most fireworks in the U.S. The state imports more than 42 million fireworks each, which means there is enough fireworks for each person to shoot off roughly 7. For a state that is anything but lenient on what and when you can shoot off fireworks, that is sure a lot of boom powder. Don’t be surprised if your neighbors break the law a bit to celebrate their independence.

Here’s what the data had to say about Kansas, which came in 3rd nationally:

Imports : 12,247,314 / Imports Per Capita : 4.2

You would think that Kansas’s flat land would be ideal for shooting fireworks off, maybe even so without so many injuries. And while the state imports over 12 million fireworks each year, it’s only enough to supply each resident with a little over 4 fireworks. Feels like kind of a missed opportunity.

So. Between Missouri and Kansas we make up the height of America’s love of fireworks. With firecracker injuries being what they are (there were roughly 9,100 in 2018 alone), try to be safe out there this weekend.

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