Nerd-rock group The Doubleclicks release pro-voting benefit compilation

Voting Mixtape Art By Jade Gordon

Courtesy The Doubleclicks

If you aren’t familiar with Portland duo The Doubleclicks, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Their excellent blend of nerdy rock with incredible positivity has long made them a personal all-time favorite group. They swing through KC with some frequency and their equal footing in both the music and comedy communities has served them well.

Today, the band is hoping that you might help them with public service.

Via a new campaign, the ‘Clicks have wrangled 60 musicians and comedians into providing tracks for a gigantic mixtape. The campaign is designed to raise money to help supporting voting ahead of the November elections.

The fantastic fundraiser is ready for your donation right here.

All funds go directly to the Voter Participation Center. The VPC was founded to provide resources and tools to help voting-eligible citizens register and vote in upcoming elections. Their goal is to boost the civic engagement of unmarried women, people of color and 18-29 year olds—the three demographic groups who comprise the Rising American Electorate. Right now they’re focusing on registering voters and supporting vote-by-mail. They are badass. See their most current work and get inspired.

Danielle Ate The Sandwich is on this compilation and lives in KC.

God bless The Doubleclicks. Come back here as soon as you can.

Mixtape Artist List

A list of all contributing creators for the mixtape. // Courtesy The Doubleclicks

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