Need inspiration? Turn to the King of Filth, John Waters

John Waters Signing A Fan’s Jacket

Film director John Waters signing Kate Matlack’s jean jacket at the Massachusetts College of Art. // Photo via Creative Commons.

It’s well-memed by now that William Shakespeare produced King Lear, MacBeth, and over a hundred sonnets while under quarantine. Today might be the perfect time to start your dream creative project, too. But if comparing yourself to Shakespeare leaves you feeling like the Midwestern rube you are, try listening to the King of Filth instead. In 2015, John Waters’s commencement address to the Rhode Island School of Design became a viral sensation. Hailed as “one of the best commencement speeches of all time,” he combined self-effacing humor and his trademark lowbrow charm into twelve glorious minutes of non-judgmental, joyful inspiration. His speech is sure to help you admire your flaws and create without fear. Watch his speech online, and unleash your completely unShakespearean inner Shakespeare. Unless you’re into iambic pentameter. Then by all means, you do you.

As Waters always says: “Don’t fuck anyone who doesn’t own books.” Important advice.

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