Neandercore Tonight at the Riot Room (aka, What Used to Be the Hurricane)

They’re really getting things off with a big, hairy bang at the Riot Room, which is the club now operating in the space formerly occupied by the Hurricane. Word on the streets it’s the same owners as before — the guys who own Jerry’s Bait Shop — but with a new name and, likely, some changes to the interior and the club’s M.O. [ — Ed.]


Friday, February 15, at the Hurr — oops… The Riot Room


Metal dudes are a hirsute, burly bunch, many of which might bear more than a passing resemblance to the lumbering hominoid (local boy?) Bigfoot if spotted in a densely wooded natural setting. But only Troglodyte’s members stand up to stage-light scrutiny, with their Neanderthal features, unruly tufts of facial hair and pronounced, permanently furrowed brow ridges unquestionably asserting their Sasquatch status.

Native to Kansas City, Troglodyte devotes entire 30-minute sets to Bigfoot-specific topics, offering helpful advice (“Don’t Go in the Woods”) and harrowing forest-insider accounts (“Skunk Ape Rape.”) Skeptics claim Troglodyte’s “singer,” who communicates through primal grunts and guttural roars, is actually Jeff Sisson, a mysterious local resident who has created prosthetics and gore effects for more than a dozen films, donning a self-fashioned disguise. Circumstantial evidence corroborates a cinematic connection: “Skunk Ape Rape” appears in the awesome trailer for The Legend of the Sandsquatch:

Cryptozoological status aside, Troglodyte leaves gargantuan musical footprints, alternating plodding riffs with unnatural bursts of speed. Tracking patterns indicate Troglodyte should surface at the Riot Room tonight, sharing a bill with Seeking Surreal, Christ Hate, Ancient Creation and At the Left Hand of God.

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