Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott has some candy love to share

The last time that The Pitch caught up with  confectioner Natasha Goellner, in October, the  local sweets maven, who operates her namesake Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott at 320 Ward Parkway on the Country Club Plaza, was three months pregnant and had developed an unexpected craving for sweet things. Now she’s just weeks away from her due date but still working hard, getting her small shop ready for Valentine’s Day on Saturday — a huge retail day — and introducing the new line of chocolates she has developed with her store manager, Megan Piel: Lanmou chocolates. 

“I’m not usually a big sweets eater,” Goellner says now. “But now I keep candy in my purse. And a brownie!”

Piel will take up a lot of the hands-on duties when Goellner takes a maternity leave, including marketing the Lanmou chocolate line. The nine different Lanmou chocolate bars have been sold at Natasha’s Mulberry & Mott since last autumn, but the collection of nine different truffles, in bright and bold colors — inspired by New Orleans, where Piel lived and worked for several years — was introduced only last weekend.

“Lanmou is the Creole and Haitian word for love,” says Piel, who is the official confectioner for the Lanmou line, which will also be available for sale online next month. Piel is in negotiations with Ryan Sciara, of Underdog Wine Co., in Crestwood, to carry the chocolates and is seeking other local specialty shops interested in carrying the line of candy bars, truffles and pralines. The most successful Lanmou chocolate bar, they say, is inspired by a banana split, featuring banana chips, dried cherries, cocoa nibs, chopped peanuts and marshmallows.

“What sets us apart from other chocolates,” Piel says, “is the vibrant, playful flavors we’re choosing.”

Piel says she and Goellner have a list of 30 flavors that they plan to eventually offer, but the current collection of truffles includes champagne, whiskey, dark chocolate, lime, passion fruit, pistachio, raspberry, and peanut butter and jelly.

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