Naked Raygun to Release New Music

Chicago punk rock legends (and one of my most favorite bands ever omg) Naked Raygun announced that they’ll be recording new music. As an added bonus, they’ll release it as a series of seven inch singles.

“The band will be headed into Transient Sound Studios in Chicago, Illinois to lay down tracks that will eventually be pressed on a series of 7-inch records and represent the first new material from the band since 1992.”

I thought I was excited about the vinyl reissues Haunted Town started putting out, but this is like combining that and the Bouncing Souls single series that started earlier this year in a package of love directed at me. Seriously, new music from Naked Raygun trumps that record from the Effigies by a mile. Now, if only they’d tour near us.

MP3: Naked Raygun, “When the Walls Come Down”

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