Mystery Solved! The Home of Chick, “The Duck” and Racist Johnny is …

Staten Island’s PS 30!

Just minutes after the most recent Studies in Crap post went up, intrepid reader (and celebrated improv comic) Josh Steinmetz had solved the mystery your Crap Archivist never quite managed to: Where was PS 30, Richmond, the school featured in this 1946 senior autograph book?
The answer, as Steinmetz wrote in an e-mail:

“Westerleigh School (PS 30)


200 Wardwell Avenue

Staten Island, Richmond County, NY 10314″

Steinmetz used Google Maps to seal the deal:

They bought some window units!

Thanks, Josh! Now, anyone out there care to track down Johnny, the kid who advised Charles “Chick” Olsen to marry Occidental?

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