My Morning Jacket, with Band of Horses, last night at Starlight (review)

When the Band of Horses/My Morning Jacket show at Starlight was announced in the spring, I assumed it would be a sure-fire sellout. Both acts have a reputation for impressive live outings and pretty huge fanbases. So it was a bit of a surprise to see a partition set up in the center of the venue last night, blocking off thousands of seats in an attempt to make the venue seem cozier. I guess I forgot that Starlight can seat nearly 8,000 people. And even at the level these bands are at, that many tickets at $50 a pop is still a tall order. But no matter: the few thousand people who did shell out for the tickets got their fifty bucks’ worth. With the three bands on the ticket (Blind Pilot was added after the show was announced), we got nearly five hours of excellent music and decent weather on a Monday night.

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