My Brothers & Sisters’ ‘Fall Winter Spring & Summer’ is your Pitch Music Awards song of the day

The Pitch Music Awards Show is at the Uptown Theater this Sunday, August 3, and hosted by World Air Guitar Champion Eric “Mean” Melin and Mills Record Co.’s Judy Mills (tickets here). To count down to the awards ceremony – and help introduce you to this year’s picks – we’re debuting a “song of the day” each weekday until the show from one of this year’s batch of nominees.

All together, My Brothers & Sisters boasts an impressive 14 members, and not a one of them is arbitrary. The band, along with its debut full-length Violet Music: Volume 1, is the brainchild of singer/producer/songwriter/musical prodigy Jamie Searle, whose goal in with this multi-faceted group is to bring together a melting pot of sounds. Case in point: our song du jour, “Fall Winter Spring & Summer,” which starts as a smoldering blues tune, but then quickly erupts into a swinging big band-era number. Check out the rest of the album here
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And this:
Jamie Searle has a grand plan for My Brothers & Sisters

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