Some women would give anything to have a man do what poet Bob Savino did — write a book dedicated to the special woman in his life. Romantic excerpt (from “True Stories”): “Our hands, our eyes, our human voices — /they’re flimsy things, easily crushed/yet all we have to stammer the unsayable.” Not every piece in Black Butterfly: Poems for a Muse (the Kansas City poet’s fourth book, released earlier this year by Dog Ear Publishing) is about his “soul friend,” but the writer considers her a co-author. “These poems are the fruit of our personal collaboration — our communion of souls,” he writes in the book’s introduction. Savino will read from Black Butterfly and other books starting at 7 tonight at the Writers Place (3607 Pennsylvania, 816-753-1090). The event will take about 45 minutes — “about as long as any poet should expect to hold the attention of his audience,” Savino says with a chuckle.

Fri., Aug. 28, 7 p.m., 2009