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PD: How does Projekt Revolution differ from, say, Ozzfest?

JS: Ozzfest is the metal fest. Everything is so … serious. On this tour, it’s like a giant party. There are so many groups playing so many different styles. But everybody just has a good time. We have barbecues by the bus, jam the stereo, toss around a football.

Any epic interband scrimmages?

Nah, there’s not too many jocks out here, except for maybe our security guards.

Has Snoop really mended his ways?

He is definitely more down-to-earth. The last time we toured with him was Lollapalooza, and he seemed a little paranoid then.

That’s the weed.

Yeah … but he’s definitely more relaxed, which comes with age. And his show — he has a full band — is awesome.

Legend has it you started playing guitar to rehabilitate after getting the tip of your finger cut off by a bicycle chain.

True story. It seemed like the worst thing at the time and ended up being a part of fate. That’s why I believe in fate.

Get back to Bakersfield often?

I haven’t lived there in years — as soon as we turned 18, we all moved to Los Angeles — but it’s still a big part of our history. It probably had a lot to do with why we were so angry. (Laughs)

Have you considered covering Dwight Yoakam’s “Streets of Bakersfield”?

I’ll have to run that by Jonathan [Davis, Korn’s lead singer]. I love Dwight Yoakam, although I think I like his acting more. When I saw him in Sling Blade, I was like, damn!

I hear you’re a David Lynch fan.

There’s this ominous, ambient tension in his films that I love.

Let’s say David Lynch directs the Korn biopic. Which actor plays you?

Um, Lou Diamond Phillips?

He could use the work.

No, our bassist always calls me that. I’d really like Benicio del Toro to play me. I love his character in Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the lawyer.

He had a bit of a pot belly.

Yeah, but he’s brilliant when it comes to portraying a character with a certain kind of crazy state of mind.

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