MSN: KC Star‘s parent company McClatchy won’t see 2020

An article posted on MSN’s Money page today lists seven companies that financial writer Michael Brush predicts will bite the big one before the year 2020. Number seven: The Kansas City Star’s parent company, McClatchy.

The media company can’t catch a break, PR-wise. Brush’s doomsday prediction comes on the heels of an announcement by McClatchy Chief Executive Gary Pruitt that McClatchy will end its raise freeze on a timetable tailored to each individual paper’s financial situation. Insiders at the Star say that theirs is one of the few consistently profitable papers in McClatchy’s holdings.

Other companies that made Brush’s death list: Palm (a kick in the shins to Sprint, what with their Palm Pre partnership), Sears, Blockbuster, Borders and Eastman Kodak.

So in the future, aside from print being dead, we won’t be visiting physical stores to purchase or rent media like books or movies, and digital film will take over for all our memory-making.

At this rate, expect customs like talking face-to-face or leaving the house for any damn reason to become antiquated by 2030, when we’ll all be living solely online. It might be wise to invest in pizza delivery.

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