MP3: The Scriveners, “Buzzkill”

Self-described “noisy hard-pop rock band” the Scriveners have three demo songs up for your listening pleasure on MySpace.

In addition, Dan Cook was cool enough to hook us up with one of ’em, so you can download it and play it on your iPod, Zune, or what-have-you each and every time you want to, regardless of Internet connection or power outage.

The Scriveners, which is Cook and Chris Bulgren (both late of the Bubble Boys) and Ron E. Raney, also have a couple of shows coming up. As Cook put it in an e-mail, they “are the quintessential opening band for mid-nineties reunion shows,” opening for Danger Bob at the Bottleneck on October 17, and Cher U.K. at the Replay on November 27.

MP3: the Scriveners, “Buzzkill”

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