MP3: The Enablers, “Whatever You Like”

Bands across the Internet have evidently decided that they’d like to post web-exclusive one-off cover MP3s this week. Fine by me. This is way more fun than digging through eighteen tracks of no-name indie bands to find something interesting.

This MP3 is courtesy of no-name Gainesville punk band the Enablers. The do a laid-back, Drag the River style cover of TI‘s “Whatever You Like.” Much like the Gourds’ take on Snoop’s “Gin and Juice,” or Dynamite Hack’s version of “Boyz In the Hood” by Eazy-E, the song gets slowed down and twanged the fuck out. If you didn’t know this was R&B before you heard it, you’d never guess whence it came.

If you’re into covers, as I obviously am, you’d also do well to check out Coverville, a twice-weekly podcast featuring cover songs. It’s kind of hit and miss, but the guy who hosts it has a varied enough taste in music to balance out the truly atrocious crap.

MP3: the Enablers, “Whatever You Like” (TI cover)

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