MP3: Stika Figa, “It’s Amazin'” (featuring E. Tusks)

Laid-back, chilled-out vibes are the name of the name with this collaboration between Stik Figa and his mate E. Tusks.

This track’s one of the ones that didn’t make the cut for Stik’s upcoming mixtape, Still Ain’t Easy Bein’ Skinny, mixed by DJ Shad and due out on New Year’s Day. It’s a little less banger than the usual output from Stik and crew, with a loping piano hook in the background melded with five gallon drums to make a song that’s at once pop and street.

Oh, and E. Tusks is so fucking chill, he might as well be napping on your couch. Any dude who can throw out rhymes this well, and sound like it’s not even half of what’s going on in his head — almost distractedly, really — bears some watching.

MP3: Stik Figa, “It’s Amazin'” (featuring E. Tusks)

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