Mother’s Day and chocolates

This past Friday, Christopher Elbow released his Mother’s Day bon-bons collection which is unique in that it focuses on antioxidants and power foods. In addition, he donates $5 from every box to the Kansas City-based non-profit breast cancer organization Back in the Swing.

Like all of Elbow’s sets, these chocolates aren’t cheap — it’s $42 for a box — but each of the 21 chocolates is handmade and hand painted, made of ingredients not usually found in chocolates. Elbow said it usually takes him two to three weeks to nail down the flavor of each chocolate; this set includes blueberry ganache, a ginger caramel and a green tea chocolate.

In inferior hands, these flavors could make for an overpowering mess. But Elbow’s flavors compliment the chocolate — hinting and darting. Even though I don’t consider myself a big fan of ginger or green tea, the chocolates themselves are still exquisite — though mom may consider them too pretty to eat.

The chocolates can be ordered online, but it really is worth heading downtown to check out Elbow’s retail store at 1819 McGee (check out its wonderful bathroom and hot chocolate — make sure to get the homemade marshmallow with it.)

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