More Video Fun with Super Black Market

Maybe it’s ’cause they live so close to Hollywood now, but those ex-Warrensburg punks Super Black Market sure are video happy lately. Last week, they released a music video. Now, the band has unearthed an old promotional video for Bed|Stu shoes that features the boys and their band-aid Rudolph Wohlegemuth. According to a blog on SBM’s Myspace profile, the band “made a deal with the proverbial advertising devil awhile back.” The band seems to regret that decision now. From the same blog:

However, the deal turned sour at some point or another, and we stumbled upon this commercial on YouTube (so where’s the fuckin’ money, shithead!?). Needless to say, no money exchanged hands, but we ended up getting some VERY uncomfortable shoes from them! Go Bed|Stu, GO!

Well, the shoes looked cool, anyway. I saw frontman Sonny Remlinger sporting his once.

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