More help on the way for 18th & Vine?

A faint but strong heart beats for 18th and Vine. That much was obvious last Tuesday night, when a crowd packed the lobby of the Gem Theater to take part in what might sound like one of the most boring activities of good citizenship: a city planning meeting.

At least a hundred people showed up to hear what City Hall had in mind for the district — and  listening to City Hall talk about 18th and Vine can be emotionally risky. After all, it’s been a long time since Emanuel Cleaver’s administration, when we dumped the first $20 million into the district’s rehab (with tens of millions to follow). If City Hall had delivered on the promise back then, 18th and Vine would have been jumping for years now.

“In the past, there have been a lot of plans and initiatives,” Chris Cline, one of the people working on the plan, told the audience. This one, he said, would be different. The new Black Heritage District Economic Development Plan will incorporate all of those past efforts “into a strategy that can see things built.”

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