More El Torreon Developments, i.e. The Official Word

It seems that the press release posted here a couple of weeks ago about the proposed restoration and greenification of the El Torreon Ballroom was never intended to reach the media. That’s good, because it was pretty bananas.

By contrast, the release sent out today by a PR company called Pepperdine PR is crisp and professional. They’ve even offered to send along an architectural rendering. This is looking serious — and seriously awesome if it works out.


3101 Gillham Plaza, Kansas City, MO 64111

Release Date: Aug. 20, 2008

Contact: Susan Pepperdine, (913) 262-7414 or

Also contact Pepperdine for electronic copies of the news release, bios and timeline.

Restoration of Historic Midtown Building Announced

In 1970s El Torreon Was Home of Legendary Cowtown Ballroom

(KANSAS CITY, MO.) … El Torreon, the historic building at 31st and Gillham Plaza in midtown Kansas City, which in the 1970s rocked as the legendary Cowtown Ballroom, is on the verge of rocking again through a multimillion-dollar restoration effort announced today. Restoration will return the building to its former glory, turning the El Torreon once again into a venue for concerts, dances, roller-skating, weddings, reunions and other community and private events.

At a 10:30 a.m. press conference, Jeanne Bojarski of Kansas City announced that she has formed El Torreon Cultural Arts Center LLC, and has made a down payment toward purchasing the building from Nabil Haddad, president of Haddad Restaurant Group Inc. Haddad has applied for a permit to provide food, beverages and liquor for events at the El Torreon. He owns and operates the Plaza III and Figlio’s, and is known for preserving the traditions of another Kansas City institution, Winstead’s, since purchasing the restaurant chain in the early 1980s.

Bojarski is a marketing communications writer with experience in concert production, who also ran in 1992 in Missouri for the U.S. Senate on the Libertarian ticket. Her daughter, Alexandra Bojarski-Stauffer, will also have part ownership in the building along with other private investors.

In late July Bojarski signed with Davison Architecture + Urban Design LLC of Kansas City for architecture and with TranSystems for engineering services. She plans to sign the final ownership documents in January 2009.

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