Molly Balloons is throwing a weekly parade with a focus on masks, social distancing, and fun

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Social distancing parade. // Photo via Facebook

Local celebrity Molly Balloons is doing a weekly parade on Sunday nights in the Volker area. The all-ages event has a focus on social distancing and mask-wearing, while also having fun and seeing people out in the world. And getting a good walk around the neighborhood.

If you’re interested in the event, here is the link to the Facebook invite.

From the description:


This is a socially distant parade for the purpose of staying sane and happy, so that we can curb our appetite for live entertainment and stay safe for longer.

Meet at Valentine and Genessee St. at 6:15; parade starts at 6:30.


packing list:

SPEAKER, mask, booze, megaphones, cowbell, vuvuzelas, kazoos, and all the fanfare! Let’s celebrate for the sake of celebrating!

BONUS POINTS if your costume is 6 feet wide.

DISTANCE AND MASKS ARE REQUIRED; costumes and buffoonery are strongly encouraged.

10′ minimum between everyone.

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