Mo. state Sen. Jolie Justus marries her partner in Iowa City

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Last Friday, Missouri state Sen. Jolie Justus’ relationship status on Facebook changed to “married.” Then came this update: “headed back from Iowa with the ‘ole ball-n-chain.” This wouldn’t have been a big deal except Justus married long-time partner, Shonda Garrison, in Iowa, where the state Supreme Court recently legalized same-sex marriage.

Justus, Garrison and 16 other couples had caught an early morning bus bound for Iowa City to get hitched. I shot Justus a message of congratulations. The next day, she explained how it felt to finally have a wedding day.

“It was an amazing experience,” Justus wrote. “I didn’t think I would have this opportunity so soon and so close to home.

“It was a wonderful day.”

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