Mmm … give me a little taste of Kansas and Missouri

This month’s issue of Bon Appetit headlines its main feature “The United Plates of America.” It’s devoted to identifying the best and most uniquely American flavors in all 50 states. “Whether it’s a slice of just-baked cherry pie in

Michigan, an oyster and bacon sandwich in Louisiana … there’s always something

delicious just around the corner in America.”

What follows is a “definitive” list of each state and its best dishes, drinks and ingredients categorized into buying, eating and drinking. Here’s what Bon Appetit says is the best in Kansas:

To Buy: Lapin Links from The Rare Hare Barn in Leon (east of Wichita)
To Eat: Grass-fed elk burger at Local Burger in Lawrence
To Drink: Oatmeal Stout from Free State Brewing in Lawrence

Again, Bon Appetit called these “definitive.” Now here’s the list for Missouri.

Categories: Dining, Food & Drink