Missouri Senate town hall Facebook series tackles our biggest issues, introduces upcoming candidates

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In an open 2022 Missouri U.S. Senate seat piling high with candidates both seasoned and bizarre, as is often the case with high-profile offices, a 20,000-member Facebook group “Joe Biden for Missouri” is working to clear the air with open conversations.

Facing a wide-open Missouri U.S. Senate race that seems to attract new candidates by the day, the group is launching a series of one-on-one Town Halls with the candidates.

“2022 will be here before we know it. Candidates are launching their campaigns now, and voters need to tune in now,” says Bree Bowen, a lead Town Hall producer. “Our goal is to help people get informed and involved.”

Each Town Hall highlights a single candidate in an hour-long live Q&A with the audience, and videos are shared in partnership with The Pitch.

The first event featured Lucas Kunce, a Marine Corp Major and foreign policy advisor.


Kansas City activist Timothy Shepard headlined an open conversation with the group that touched on nearly twenty issues, ranging from health care funding to white supremacy.

“The sooner voters and volunteers meet candidates, the better,” says Bowen. “Folks have serious questions. We want to help people see candidates up-close and get their questions answered.”

Upcoming Town Halls will feature Spencer Toder (June 9) and Jewel Kelly (June 16). Follow the Facebook group for the latest.

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