Missouri grandparents put 5-year-old girl in their trunk

  • No matter how full your car is, don’t put a kid in the trunk.

Sometimes child care requires improvisation. That on-your-feet thinking, however, should never lead to your saying, “Hey, let’s put the kid in the trunk.” Police say two grandparents in Jefferson City were doing a little shopping at a hardware store over the weekend, and the car filled up more than they expected. So their 5-year-old granddaughter ended up in the trunk.

The AP reports that another shopper in the Menards parking lot heard a voice coming from the trunk saying, “Let me out.” That shopper called police, who came and spoke with the grandparents who admitted that they put the child in the trunk. According to the report, the grandparents explained that they bought some tables at another hardware store, and there wasn’t enough room for the girl to sit. So they put her in the trunk. Another relative took the girl, and charges haven’t been filed against the grandparents.

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