Missouri AG Koster wants Craigslist to clean up ‘erotic services’ ads

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Craigslist is on Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster’s shit list. Koster wants the online marketplace to clean up its “erotic services” ads, close them or face legal action.

Koster and two other attorneys general delivered their demands to Craigslist’s founder and CEO yesterday. Koster told the Columbia Daily Tribune that the meeting was polite but unproductive because Craigslist considers this a First Amendment issue.

Koster said that 85 percent or more of erotic services’ traffic is from prostitutes and johns. He put Craigslist “on notice” and said he believes Craigslist runs “an online brothel.” He added:

“If 85 percent of the transactions in a given market were for crack cocaine or for child exploitation services, no one would tolerate them for an instant.”

This week’s Pitch feature story looks at Craigslist and the growing scrutiny the online marketplace is facing in the wake of the alleged Craigslist killings.

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