Mise en Place: Thuy Soldner of Liquid Garden Juice Co. wants you to take a (wellness) shot with her

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Mise en Place: Thuy Soldner of Liquid Garden Juice Co. // Illustration by Cassondra Jones

Thuy Soldner is a humble entrepreneur who works so hard she can hardly stop to pose for a photo. From washing dishes, to shaping peanut butter chocolate chip protein balls, to bottling turmeric water, her resumé would suggest that she knows how to take care of people.

After some pandemic delay, Soldner launched Liquid Garden Juice Co. earlier this year in an effort to deliver cold-pressed juices and healthy snacks to businesses and anyone looking for an immunity boost. She currently distributes her products to Saltwell Farm Kitchen, where they can be tasted in the carefully crafted cocktail menu—they were our little birds shedding light on Soldner’s small but mighty efforts.

The Pitch: When did you first develop a passion for fresh, cold-pressed juices?

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Thuy Soldner captured in the back-of-house bustle. // Courtesy Thuy Soldner

Thuy Soldner: Cold-pressed juice first came into my life in 2018. I was working as a branding manager for a restaurant group called Grace Hospitality Co. and helped run a cold-press juice shop and restaurant.

My goal was to work with any of the multiple brands that owner Shantel Grace had and do what she needed me to do. For example, Moonfluf is her organic cotton candy brand that I worked with. I did everything from sampling our products at a food fair to making bulk sales to a grocery store. Whatever direction Shantel wanted to take, I was lucky enough to get to be a part of it. 

In what ways has your upbringing influenced your recipes?

My grandfather, may he rest in peace, was a man that believed in and practiced Eastern medicine. He lived with my family growing up, and I can remember all of us practicing everything from cupping for sore backs, all the way to using ginger and turmeric in our daily cooking.

Who are some local hospitality icons you’ve enjoyed working with? How did those relationships begin?

I really, really enjoy working with Saltwell Farm Kitchen. What Shantel Grace and Chef Rozz are doing is so amazing. All the thought, love, and care they put into their space and dishes really shows. We have been delivering fresh juice to them from the start, and I just love how our products seem to fit the weekly menus so well.

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KaleMe juice blend. // Courtesy Liquid Garden Juice Co.

Shantel and I have known each other since our sorority days. In 2018, our paths crossed, and she brought me on to her hospitality team. This was where Chef Rozz and I met. Even days before we opened Liquid Garden, I’d seek advice from him. No detail ever gets by Rozz. 

What is your favorite juice blend? What inspired it?

KaleMe. I love this one. It’s like a big salad.

I drink it almost every day. Shantel and her mom inspired me on this blend and to really dive in on everything I could learn about health and wellness. Our health is all that we have.

We just want to sincerely bring this product in its rawest and truest form to our community. Health and wellness for all.

What’s your go-to meal after a long day of work?

Rotisserie chicken and steamed veggies with a couple of shots of ReRoot.  

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