Mini Mansions

Ever wonder what would have happened if the Jesus and Mary Chain had sworn its allegiance to the Beatles rather than to the Beach Boys? Well, you don’t have to: Mini Mansions’ ’60s-inflected psych-pop answers that question. Though the Los Angeles trio doesn’t play music drenched in feedback, it shares a similar love of classic pop hooks, alluring vocal harmonies (all the members sing) and a shambling, narcotized gait. What’s remarkable is the sonic detail of the arrangements, the keyboard-driven tones that recall such Beatles tracks as “Glass Onion” and “Fixing a Hole.” One might expect something harder from Queens of the Stone Age bassist Michael Shuman, who plays drums here and shares songwriting duties with guitarist Tyler Parkford, a college buddy of bassist and keyboardist Zach Dawes, Shuman’s childhood friend. After releasing an EP in 2009, Mini Mansions followed up last month with a captivating self-titled, full-length debut, led by the ringing harmonies and Farfisa-fueled bounce of “Seven Sons.

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