Midnight Marauders, Lincoln Marshall, the Philistines, and more: June’s must-see local music videos

The music videos released in the last few weeks are as exciting visually as they are musically. Starting with hip-hop turntablism from Midnight Marauders, then moving into a string of amazing rock ‘n’ roll from the likes of Psychic Heat and the Philistines, then back to hip-hop with Verbal Contact and Lincoln Marshall, there’s something to appeal to all tastes as of late. Check out the amazing eye candy in store for you with this month’s Cine Local.

Midnight Marauders, “Turn Me Up”
May 24

Three of Lawrence’s finest turntablists — DJ G-Train, Johnny Quest, and DJ Proof — join forces to turn it out in fine form. Scratching, mixing, and executing a performance like this is the purest rebuke to anyone who claims sampling isn’t art. Hell, this is damn near sport in terms of physical dexterity required.

La Guerre, “Killing a Camera”

May 31

It’s basically tempting to post each and every installment of Blind Cover, but we try and be all picky and choosy, especially given the fact the series has branched out into showcasing original music, as well. That said, La Guerre interpreting the lyrics of this Braid song from Frame & Canvas is so much fun, it’s absolutely mandatory we share it with you.

The Philistines, “A Twitch of the Death Nerve”

June 2

These days, the concept of a lead-off single is kind of a weird thing. Given that the Philistines’ The Backbone of Night had quite a few tracks posted on various blogs, and the full album streamed online a week before it dropped, can any track truly be said to be the one on which to concentrate? In this case, absolutely. It’s a goddamn monster song that perfectly showcases the band, and the video does the same by really focusing on what the Steenz bring in terms of performance.

Psychic Heat, “Elixir”

June 7

From Psychic Heat’s debut LP on High Dive Records comes “Elixir,” a swirling and hypnotic bit of wonderful. The song is ably paired with  visuals from Michael Coleman and Tucker Morrison’s video, which plays like a fever dream. There’s a sign at the end of the video, with the phrase “Eat more quality LSD” on it in chalk, and I can’t think of a more apt summation of this track. Also: Holy shit, I think that’s one of my former students in this.

A.J. Gaither OMB, “Natural Habitat”

June 7

There’s a new show from 38 the Spot, entitled Behind the Spotlight, wherein Crystle Lampitt talks music with local performers. It debuts on Sunday, July 10. It doesn’t look fancy, but more local musicians on television is always a positive thing. Fun fact: This isn’t 38’s first local music program. In the mid-’90s, the channel ran a program called Burning Down the House, which featured performances shot at local clubs.

Captiva, “Road to Ruin”

June 20

Captiva’s dance-ready indie rock is paired excellently with this cute yet dark tale of a magician and his romance gone awry. It’s a well-made bit of storytelling which needs nothing more than the song’s lyrics to tell its tale.

Verbal Contact, “KC’s The Name”

June 26

Verbal Contact’s been making music for more than a decade in Kansas City, and it’s going on a positive vibe these days. Described as a “holy hip-hop gospel rap group,” this might be the most upbeat endorsement of the Kansas City area yet to be put down. “KC’s The Name” takes its title literally, being a litany of every neighborhood, food joint and place to be on both sides of the state line. The Chamber of Commerce would be proud.

Lincoln Marshall, “That Amazing”

June 27

We’ve held off a few months from featuring a Barrel Maker video, but goddamn, this first visual from Lincoln Marshall’s Water EP is absolutely gorgeous. Pause it at any moment, and you’ve got a photograph worthy of framing. The song is silky smooth, and gone way too quickly. Thankfully, there are eight more cuts on the album, which released earlier this month, so get on it.

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