Middle of the Map, Friday night in Westport

  • Nick Spacek
  • Most of the shows were spent with this view.

After the first full day of shows at Middle of the Map, I have a few words about show-going etiquette. First of all, if you’re seeing a band with acoustic instrumentation, accept the fact that things get quiet. This needs to include you. No electrically-powered instruments mean that the people you’re behind can’t hear the band over your relationship drama. Shut up, or go outside. Same goes for the guy yelling, “Less of you!” to the act playing before the band he wants to see. If you don’t wanna see them, leave. There’s plenty of bands playing during a festival – no need for you to “suffer” through a genre you don’t like. Plus, the band’s not going to get off the stage because you’re being a jerk. Be fucking patient, not an obnoxious dick.

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