Metropalife Radio Goes to SXSW So You Don’t Have To

If you can’t afford the gas—or the time-off—to get down to Austin for this year’s South by Southwest music festival, that’s okay. The kind folks at Metropalife, a locally-run hybrid blog and online radio station, are going to pop open a few bottles in homage right here. Before they head south to the Longhorn State to cover the festival themselves, they’re inviting area residents to join them this Friday at Gusto Lounge for “Metropalife Goes to South by Southwest.” DJ Miles Bonny will keep asses in the air with an evening inspired by local artists, including Deep Thinkers, Ces Cru, Greg Enemy, James Christos, Stik Figa, and the many other artists that make Kansas City hip-hop go. If you haven’t heard music from these local performers, you should a) bludgeon yourself with the rock you’ve been hiding under, and b) fork over the $5 dollar cover to receive a proper introduction.

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