Melissa Etheridge

I still feel bad for Lou Diamond Phillips. The guy was huge back in the day. A movie star tearing up roles in La Bamba, Young Guns and … um, well, Young Guns II. Then his wife left him for Melissa Etheridge. Ouch. Now poor Lou D.P. is, uh, well … I don’t know what he’s doing now. Etheridge, though, has since moved on to other projects, both romantically and musically. The Leavenworth native saunters into town in advance of her upcoming album Lucky for a free thirty-minute set at “Kansas City’s Largest Christmas Party,” an event unofficially known as “The Night When You Find Out Who Many of Kansas City’s Raving Lesbians Are.” Despite the posh Hyatt environs, don’t be surprised to see swarms of fans hooting, hollering and dancing awkwardly along with “Come to My Window” and “I Want to Come Over.” Sadly, Lou Diamond Phillips won’t be among them.

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