Melgren brothers relocate Flagship Books to Strawberry Hill

KCK now has an independent book store
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L-R: Joel Melgren and Ty Melgren in their new bookstore. // Courtesy Flagship Books

Independent book store owners Joel and Ty Melgren live in the Strawberry Hill neighborhood and have fallen ass-over-teakettle in love with the Kansas City, Kansas borough.

When they outgrew their shipping container storefront in the Iron District of North Kansas City, the brothers had a location in mind.

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Soft opening of the new store earlier this month. // Courtesy Flagship Books

“We really think that KCK deserves and will support an independent bookstore,” says Ty Melgren. “We’re excited to open in our own neighborhood.”

The new Flagship Books space (600 Ohio Ave.) is set for a Feb. 12 grand opening. There will be free donuts and coffee from Kinship Cafe in the morning and 15% off everything all day.

“As far as I can tell, Flagship is the first independent bookstore in KCK,” says Melgren. “At the soft opening, a neighbor told me that he couldn’t remember a bookstore in Wyandotte since the ’70s.”

The brothers Melgren aim for Flagship to be a community space and plan on hosting events like book clubs, local author readings, zine-making workshops, and poetry nights.

Flagship will also seek to represent the diversity of their Strawberry Hill neighborhood by including books in Spanish and Burmese. The selection of books is curated to focus on the needs and interests of KCK.

“We want to be a place that people can come find a book they can escape into,” says Melgren. “Or a book that can teach them something new—a new idea, new information, and a new perspective.”

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