Medical marijuana petition filed today in Missouri

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Twenty-three states now allow physicians to prescribe medical marijuana to patients. (Recreational use is legal, of course, in Oregon, Washington, Colorado, Alaska and Washington, D.C.) 

The movement is slowly working its way into the center of the country. Medical marijuana is now legal in Illinois and Minnesota. And if New Approach Missouri gets its way, the Show-Me State will be the next Midwestern state to allow medical marijuana treatment. 

Today, the group filed initiative petitions with the Missouri Secretary of State seeking to get the issue on the general election ballot in Missouri in November 2016. 

The petition would continue to prohibit marijuana use in public and driving under the influence of marijuana. Taxes and fees associated with medical marijuana would go to fund veterans’ health-care services in Missouri, according to Tom Mundell, a former head of the Missouri VFW who — along with Sheila Dundon, a registered nurse who has worked for Ellis Fischel Cancer Hospital, the American Cancer Society and the Harry S. Truman Memorial Veterans’ Hospital — filed the petition on behalf of New Approach Missouri. 

“This measure is an absolute win-win for Missouri veterans,” Mundell says. “Not only will it provide veterans suffering illnesses much-needed relief, but it will provide invaluable resources for our underfunded veterans health care programs throughout Missouri.”

Dundon adds: “Hundreds of thousands of Missourians suffer from cancer, epilepsy and other debilitating diseases that could be treated with medical marijuana.”

The group will need 160,000 valid voter signatures to do so. It plans to begin that process this winter, and turn in the signatures by May. The petitions can be viewed at New Approach Missouri’s website, which is here

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