Mean Melin meets fan for life Nordic Thunder in the Comment of the Week

After Justin Kendall pointed out this week that the air-guitar hero’s journey is never an easy one, supportive comments rolled in for deposed supershredder Eric “Mean” Melin.

Our favorite comment on that thread — or pretty much anywhere this week — comes from Melin’s broth-AIR Nordic Thunder, the air-guitar champion of Chicago. The whole note is as rousing as Henry V’s St. Crispin’s Day speech (give or take) and about as long, but here’s our favorite part. Take it away, dude:

Mean Melin…you fucking rock. … I think it’s fair to say you had FUN. You took the competition serious, but not entirely seriously serious. You left just enough of the seriousness out in order to have FUN. I’d also bet MONEY that you played every single Free Bird jam at the end of every set. This, in my opinion, is a giant group hug to ALL of your fellow competitors and to those in the audience that admire what us Air Guitarists do. Rock and Roll is in your blood Melin, and it pumps freely!!! I’m honored to be a member of the USAG family, and I’m honored to have shared the stage with YOU my fellow Air Guitar brothAIR!!! I WILL see you in the future!!! Rock And Roll

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