Mayor Lucas holds press conference to address police response; new COVID-19 outbreak

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Press conference with Q // Photo by Brock Wilbur

Earlier this evening at the KC Library Plaza branch, Mayor Quinton Lucas held a joint press conference with Police Chief Rick Smith to discuss Kansas City’s ongoing work to protect protestors, law enforcement, and Kansas City residents.

Today was a chance for the city to explain their choices over the weekend and explain where we’re going from here.

First, Lucas announced that 200+ positive cases or coronavirus have been discovered at Aspen Paper Products Plant The Missouri Health Department reports a cluster outbreak. That’s the beginning of the day’s… good news.

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Chief // Photo by Brock Wilbur

Now it was time to get into the meat of the protests.

Lucas is calling for both special meetings and investments in programs that allow outside / independent groups to review all vidoes/photos that are turned in from social media, to be reviewed.

Lucas has demanded funding from Hawley and Parson, so that KC cops can have body cams.

“Yesterday did not end how we wanted it to end,” Lucas said. Multiple times throughout the day, Lucas met with protesters, and immediately upon departing the police tear-gassed those remaining.

“We need to get back to discussions of the city’s homelessness. And we need to talk about the city’s long-running epidemic of gun violence. All of these programs still remain.”

Questions then fell to Chief Smith about the situations from the weekend. “We get up in the morning and we are never hoping to use pepper spray,”  Moss said about whether or not the police were showing up to these situations with itchy trigger fingers for this kind of behavior.

We’ll be covering more of this story as it develops.

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