Maybe Herm gets to stay after all

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ESPN’s telling anyone thinking Herm Edwards might be gone to checkity check yourself before you wreck yourself. “A source” drops knowledge on Michael Smith that a Herm Edwards return hasn’t be ruled out … for at least one more year. Supposedly new general manager Scott Pioli is coming in with “an open mind” and apparently Clark Hunt “prefers that Edwards remain the coach.” Aww, damn it. At least we’ll know by the end of the week.

If Edwards gets canned, one name out there is New York Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spanguolo. Another getting mentioned is Iowa coach Kirk Ferentz, although Smith’s source says Hunt isn’t too keen on a college coach. The Des Moines Register’s Sean Keeler breaks down the pros and cons of a Ferentz jump.

David Martin is going to the presser this afternoon, so we’ll know a little more later. — Justin Kendall

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