Max Tundra

There’s a pure, unbridled joy to the music that Londoner Ben Jacobs creates as Max Tundra. Using a variety of synthesizers and gadgets, he crafts glitchy, hyperactive electro-pop that would sound just as at-home in a video game as it does on the dance floor. Yet, while many electronic artists are content to head-bop in front of a laptop for the duration of their sets, Jacobs is determined to make sure that you are entertained. Surrounding himself with a barricade of keyboards and tables of odd instruments, Jacobs is apt to frantically dance between instruments while bringing his complex pop songs to life. His lyrics display a wry sense of humor that complements the off-the-wall fun of his music. Headliner Deastro brings along dark synth-pop that registers somewhere between M83 and Depeche Mode, and local boy Max Justus rounds out what should be a pretty excellent night of electronica.

Categories: Music