Mattie’s provides love via tasty vegan eats

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Delicious menu items from Mattie’s. // Photo courtesy of Mattie’s Foods.

Delicious menu items at Mattie's. // Photo courtesy of Mattie's Foods.

Mattie’s Foods on 63rd street is open and dishing out some good ol’ favorites on these days that can seem pretty lackluster. From their fabulous breakfast burrito to the chili mac and cheese, there is a warm and comforting option for everyone, and all their menu items are entirely vegan!

About two years ago, sisters Arvelisha Woods and India Pernell started distributing their vegan queso to some of our favorite local stores and their business took off from there. They purchased a food truck (you may have seen it around town) that would soon be taking them all throughout the Midwest to spread their love of food and sisterly love for each other.

Coming into Mattie’s is comparable to coming home after you’ve had an incredible day, and just when you think it can’t get any better, you’ve got the smell of a delicious home-cooked meal wafting through your house. Everyone is smiling when you walk inside. Alisa, their mother, might be there to kindly greet you and make you smile, and cinnamon rolls with many toppings will make you do a double-take at the register.

These sisters pride themselves on flexibility with their menu, and being able to create specials, like vegan gumbo, whenever they feel like it. You can count on their food being wholesome, filling, and special every single time.

Their mouthwatering menu makes narrowing down your choice tough, but with limited hours, you’d better make up your mind quickly, before you spend the rest of your week dreaming of coming back. Mattie’s Foods is only open 9-3 p.m. Wednesday and Saturday and 9 a.m. – 7 p.m. Thursday and Friday.

Please excuse me while this strawberry jelly, oozing from a Mattie’s Biscuit Sammich, drips off of my hand onto this keyboard. 

For those of us that might be missing out on family time this year because of a certain pandemic, you are absolutely in luck. This November, Mattie’s will be taking orders for that one holiday that some of us used to get together for. Since holidays are still up in the air, I am planning on buying one and creating my own holiday, and enjoying this vegan feast all for myself, feeling all the love that our friends at Mattie’s have put into it. 

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Breakfast burrito. // Photo by Meghan Severance

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