Masterchef’s Becky Reams is cooking at Julian this week

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  • Reams is working on a cooking show of her own.

The toughest thing about watching reality cooking shows is that you never get to taste the food. Well, for once, you don’t have to take it on faith as to whether a dish is to your liking. Masterchef contestant Becky Reams (who hails from Stilwell, Kansas) will be a guest chef at Julian (6227 Brookside Plaza) in Brookside. Reams finished third in the third season of Masterchef, which ended last night.

She prepared a four-course family dinner Sunday, and the same menu will be offered this Wednesday and Sunday. The first course is smoked trout rillettes followed by a miso caramel pork belly, ginger braised short rib, and a carrot cake for dessert (you can see the full menu here). Dinner costs $50. Call 816-214-8454 to make a reservation.

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