March 2 sucked for everyone

Yesterday, the Kansas City Police Department released a report on the

accident exonerating the Kansas City Fire Department in the death of 7-year-old Obarimomoya Nkani, who was hit and killed by a fire truck answering a call on March 2.

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The Nkani family had raised questions as to

whether the pumper’s lights and sirens were on when Obarimomoya ran in front it as the truck approached the intersection of 9th and Euclid. The report answered

those questions, saying the fire truck’s lights and sirens were blaring as the

pumper approached the intersection. It lists accounts from eyewitnesses


saw the lights, heard the sirens and got out of the way. Witnesses also

said they saw Pumper 10 skid when the brakes were applied and swerve in an attempt to

miss the


Factors in the crash: the boy’s age and the fact that another child was encouraging the

boy to hurry and cross the street as the fire truck was coming and lack

of supervision.


hard not to feel like the report blames the little boy. But if there

wasn’t a report, we’d be calling for an investigation. Just because we

can’t hang this death on the KCFD doesn’t mean there’s a cover up. This was a horrible accident.

The truck’s driver, Christopher DuPaul, has to live with what happened. DuPaul passed a sobriety test. He tried to swerve. He

tried to stop. He couldn’t. Wrong place. Wrong time. A kid dies. It’s not fair. It’s

shitty. For the Nkani family, DuPaul and everyone there that day.

I hope they can find

some peace.

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