So who exactly are these kids from Philly, and why does their record sound so absolutely vital, so totally rock in these decidedly nonrock times? Marah’s second album sounds like the work of the bastard children of the Rolling Stones, the Counting Crows, and Guided By Voices. Lead singer Dave Bielanko’s salty yet comfortable warble proves equally comfortable with rapid-fire scat-poetics, rancid rock hollering, and slow-burning R&B crooning.

Tracks such as the hummable “Point Breeze” and the shuffling “Faraway You” feature a distinctly classic sound, reminiscent of the Wallflowers if they had some grit under their fingernails and possessed true rock and roll swagger. Pick up this stunning album — You still owe it to rock and roll after all these years, and your dusty vinyl collection will thank you.

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