Man charged with killing George Tiller worked for The Kansas City Star

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Here’s a revelation: Scott P. Roeder, the man charged with assassinating abortion doctor George Tiller, worked for The Kansas City Star. The tidbit appeared in this morning’s Star story, which listed several jobs Roeder has held through the years. Here’s the snip:

In the two weeks immediately before the shooting, he had been working at Quicksilver Enterprises, an airport shuttle company.


work history includes jobs in an envelope company, a fast-food

restaurant and a cab company. He also had contracted with The Star’s

circulation department for three weeks to deliver circulars to

non-subscribers, before quitting May 12.

The Star also finally picked up on the story we told you Monday: a phone number found in Roeder’s car belongs to Operation Rescue’s senior policy adviser Cheryl Sullenger.

KMBC Channel 9 filmed the inside of Roeder’s car following his arrest and captured a piece of paper with Sullenger’s number. Sullenger told The Pitch on Monday that she’d seen Roeder around but said he hadn’t called her recently.

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