Lullaby for the Working Class, Bright Eyes, Desparecidos resurrected for Concert For Equality in Omaha

Saddle Creek star Conor Oberst has gone on the record with several protest efforts recently, including the cancellation of Arizona tour dates in support of Zach De la Rocha’s Sound Strike efforts. That’s not enough, though: Oberst resurrecting his old bands, Desparecidos and Bright Eyes, in order to rally some support against Fremont, Nebraska’s recent immigration laws, which bear a frightening similarity to Arizona’s SB1070. Tim Kasher (my bad, Ted Stevens) is on board, too, and he’s bringing back Lullaby for the Working Class, and we’ll bet that he’ll pull out some back catalog of his current outfit, Cursive, too. The show is called the Concert for Equality, and it’s in downtown Omaha on July 31.

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