Looking for local Bhut Jolokia – the hot, hot ghost pepper

One wing – how hot could it be? That’s what Nicolas Garcia told himself as he stared at the menu inside the Wing Dome a few years ago. The Seattle restaurant scores its chicken wings from one- to seven-alarm, with that highest a firehouse warning for your digestive system.

“I realize now that it was probably the ghost chili,” Garcia says of that lone seven-alarm wing. “My mouth was on fire. It took three shots of ranch and five ice-cream sandwiches to cool off. The reason they call it the ghost chili is because you think you’re going to die.”

Sitting on his porch in Waldo, the 31-year-old Garcia can laugh at his younger self, in part because the urban farmer has tamed what once bested him. On the patio table next to him is a collection of Mason jars filled with dried chilies, including the ghost variety, which he grew at his previous garden space, in Prairie Village.

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