Longboards, Grinders and Waldo Pizza make Urbanspoon’s list of ‘America’s 100 Most Popular Cheap Eats’

  • Sami Dowd
  • Trivia and pizza at Waldo Pizza is a good pairing.

Great cheap eats are like high school secrets: You know word is going to get out, but you just hope you can keep it to yourself awhile before the whole world knows.

Consider the world informed about Longboards in Gladstone, Grinders and Waldo Pizza. Urbanspoon released its list of ‘America’s 100 Most Popular Cheap Eats’ (determined by blog posts, reviews and votes), and those are the three area representatives. As for other regional fare, Ted Drewes Frozen Custard in St. Louis got the nod as did A Dong in Des Moines. The Fort Worth location for Fuzzy’s Taco Shop (Kansas City has an outpost at 103rd and Wornall) also cracked the top 100.

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