Local vegan bakery wins PETA ‘Sweet Treats’ award

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Chocolate floral cupcakes, decorated with almond and rose “petals” and matcha “leaves.” // Photo courtesy PETA

The Littlest Bake Shop was recognized by PETA for its 100% vegan, all-natural, and gluten-free sweet treats. The shop has anything from chocolate rose glazed mini cakes to cherry vanilla cupcakes.

PETA searched the country for the best vegan Valentine’s day desserts and The Littlest Bake Shop won a spot on the list. The shop chocolate floral cupcakes, decorated with almond and rose “petals” and matcha “leaves” caught PETA’s attention.

“From award-winning floral cupcakes to mini sheet cakes, picking a treat at the all-vegan Littlest Bake Shop is a way to be sweet to hens and mother cows,” says Tracy Reiman, PETA Executive Vice President.

The Littlest Bake Shop is Kansas City’s first all-vegan and gluten-free bakery. It has fair trade organic coffee and tea drinks with house-made syrups along with a variety of plant-based milk.

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The Littlest Bake Shop framed certificate from PETA

The shop has a seasonally inspired menu with different options for Valentine’s Day for pickup. Specialty drinks include phosphate sodas, egg creams without egg, and steamers.

Pickup is available on February 13 from 10-2 p.m. Additionally, The Littlest Bake Shop is offering delivery this Valentine’s Day weekend only. Delivery is available up to 10 miles from the shop.

“All the bakeries on PETA’s list are proving that love is in the fare this Valentine’s Day,” says Reiman.

Other winners on PETA’s list include Quincy Bake Shop in Oklahoma City and Sea Salt & Cinnamon in Muncie, Indiana. Each winner will receive a framed certificate from PETA.

According to PETA, going vegan reduces their risk of suffering from cancer, obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. PETA also says going vegan could potentially risk humans’ carbon footprint and prevent future epidemics and pandemics.

Here at The Pitch, we feature many businesses that are not vegan including the KC Daiquiri Shop. But who doesn’t love a sweet treat, especially on Valentine’s Day?

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