Local group: Smoke COMBAT at the polls; legalize it!

Last night, the local chapter of Kansas City NORML — the local chapter of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws — had scheduled a meeting at the Westport Coffee House to make protest signs against COMBAT, a tortured acronym describing a self-imposed tax that targets drug enforcement within the Jackson County.

JaCo voters will decide today whether to re-up. So KC NORML was preparing for today’s all day anti-anti-drug tax demonstration at 420 N.W. R D Mize Rd., Blue Springs.

Wow, 420. Amazing coincidence!

I made a few passes at the coffeehouse during the appointed hours last night , but only student-types clack-clacking away on laptops were in the shop. Which is too bad: I was looking forward to writing a “what is the opposition doing?” story on the eve of the vote, and organizations like NORML have been successful in keeping marijuana reform-type news in the national media.

When today’s protest is over, and the KC NORMLs leave sustained protest for a more, um, relaxed state — no wait, when the smoke clears from the after-protest — we’ll hear what Jackson County voters decided on the issue.

What, you thought this blog post would end without the obligatory joke?

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